Observer Pattern in Dynamics NAV

EDIT: NAV2016 has come out with new “Event” functionality, and looking into how that affects my Observer code I realised that what I had built was sort-of a combination of two different patterns, Observer and something a bit more like PubSub – the difference being the latter is “Cross-session”. See my follow-up blogs here: Observer… Read More Observer Pattern in Dynamics NAV


Using .NET Predicate (or Constraints on Type) in NAV

The other week I attended the UK PowerShot Workshop hosted at Microsoft HQ in Reading and run by the guys from Cloud Ready Software (Dynamics NAV’s very own Gang of 4:¬†Waldo,¬†Gary,¬†Vjeko¬†and Mark Brummel¬†– Mark wasn’t there though).¬†Waldo has posted about where it was and what was covered – suffice to say, it was great and… Read More Using .NET Predicate (or Constraints on Type) in NAV