Viewing .NET object properties from NAV

Sometimes you just want to see all the properties of a .NET Object, and the NAV debugger doesn’t do this (yet – I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s coming…). Our old friend Reflection is what we need here, but if you do the normal GetProperties off the Type you could be disappointed as this won’t… Read More Viewing .NET object properties from NAV


Using .NET Predicate (or Constraints on Type) in NAV

The other week I attended the UK PowerShot Workshop hosted at Microsoft HQ in Reading and run by the guys from Cloud Ready Software (Dynamics NAV’s very own Gang of 4:¬†Waldo,¬†Gary,¬†Vjeko¬†and Mark Brummel¬†– Mark wasn’t there though).¬†Waldo has posted about where it was and what was covered – suffice to say, it was great and… Read More Using .NET Predicate (or Constraints on Type) in NAV